Yosef (Joseph)


Fourth/Fifth Grades (ages 9-11)


Winter 2023 (5783)


“Yosef makes a lot of mistakes and he has a lot of wants and needs that have not been met. I think he made some regrettable choices, but I don’t think he’s a bad person to start with.”(age 10)


Where Do You Point Your Camera?
Uncovering Perspective Through Torah Study


Why spend time on yetzirah (art/creating)? It’s integral to developing our ideas.

As fourth and fifth grade children encountered the biblical Joseph, they considered elements of comics. Where will you “point your camera”? Thick lines. Wavy words. A splash of color. Zoom in. Whose perspective are you showing?

Children portrayed the same moment so differently! By pairing Torah study with tools for visual expression, children offered each other nuanced text readings, vibrant and dramatic. Torah study, integrated with yetzirah (art/creating), deepened children’s capacity to consider the world from different perspectives.

Who is Yosef? It depends how you see it.