• It’s old news that Jewish children’s learning needs to include more of the child’s voice. Transmission of content alone—a teacher telling a child facts and beliefs—is rarely the most effective mode of education. But how do we raise the child’s voice in Jewish learning? Is it a change of curriculum? Different teacher training? Greater partnership with parents and guardians? Yes. All of that can bring the child’s voice more firmly into their learning experience. Yet we can do more. The broader educational landscape  [ MORE ]

  • Words matter. They shape a child’s mind: opening landscapes while fencing others off, carving streams of ideas and emotional associations while setting up dams elsewhere. Our words give children examples of words they can use. Daily, moment by moment, children watch as we demonstrate how people interact. Not only our choice of words, but the way we use them – yell or cajole or reason or ignore or cuddle – models for children how they might navigate similar moments. Our choice of topic speaks  [ MORE ]

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