Hey! Did you know that when local schools are out, we get to explore, create, imagine ALL. DAY. LONG.?

Special Days are our super awesome full days of Jewish Enrichment when local schools are out. We do AMAZING projects, spend time outside, bake, and so much more! This year, our Special Days take us to Jewish communities around the world.

At the beginning of November, we spent three days exploring the Jewish community of Morocco. What fabulous, fun days! Here’s just a small taste of what’s possible when children get a FULL DAY of extraordinary Jewish Enrichment!

This first grader is designing a hamsa using air dry clay and clay tools. The hamsa is a special symbol in Moroccan Jewish culture that can symbolize protection or abundance. (Read more here).

These first graders are playing “Find It!,” searching for features of Moroccan Jewish architecture like domes, columns, arches, and tiles.

These nursery children are making a Moroccan-inspired meal in the pretend play kitchen. We also cooked sweet cous cous and tagine in the real kitchen.

This kindergartener and nursery child are collaborating to paint a mural inspired by Moroccan architecture.

These nursery children are exploring Moroccan tile design on the overhead projector.

Yahoo! Such fun days. Up next, our Special Days will take us to visit the Jewish communities in India.