In our spring theme, Shavuot, we are taking a close look at how Judaism has changed through time – from the Torah, to the early Rabbis, to Jewish people today (which includes us!). Children have been excited to share what they already know (“Yosef is in the Torah!”) and to see how their ideas and interpretations (“I think Miryam was important because she brought spirit to the Israelites”) are part of how Judaism continues to grow and change today.

It’s also been a chance for them to use so many of the skills we’ve been building all year long, whether that be building with a partner, listening to each other’s words in a small group, or problem solving together. As we move into the end of the school year, it’s beautiful to see children stepping up and doing so many of these things naturally and independently.

These skills allow them to really dive into the content of our theme. They take pride in noticing the detailed distinctions between what the Torah said and how the Rabbis interpreted it, or that a question the Rabbis asked is one that they’ve asked, too. What a wonderful way to start reflecting on our year together!