In Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st-2nd grades) last week we got to try out a new yetzirah (art/creativity) material: watercolor crayons! They can be drawn with like crayons, but when water is added they start acting like watercolors.

We started by showing the children a few techniques they could do: draw on the paper and then add water with a brush, put water on the paper with a brush and then draw on it, press harder or lighter with the crayon, layering colors.

But it didn’t take long for Nitzanim to start experimenting! They asked questions like: What if I try to draw and paint with water at the same time? What happens if I dip the crayon in water and then draw with it? Children were running back and forth between the tables to share their discoveries and learn new techniques from each other. Probably the favorite discovery of the day was that if you tap the watercolor crayon with a wet brush over your paper, you can create a splatter effect. Children tried out different strategies for creating bigger or smaller splatters, blending the colors, or making the drops go exactly where they wanted them to.

Our watercolor crayon exploration was explosive and exciting, and the energy felt similar to how our recent theme conversations during kibud (snack) have been. What a great reminder that we can learn and create together in so many different ways!