We’ve been celebrating holidays for weeks in to Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for 4th Grade and “Oak Trees” for 5th Grade)! We ate hamantaschen, and read Megillat Esther (Book of Esther), and constructed the Fortress City of Shushan to celebrate Purim. Then, we turned our focus towards Pesach (Passover): delving into the Torah Story, exploring Eliyahu HaNavi (Elijah the Prophet) and Miriam HaNeviah — characters who show up at the Seder, and trying out glass etching. Wow. We’ve been busy!

Now, we’re counting the omer and delving into the holiday of Shavuot. We’re paying attention to how Shavuot changes through time.

Q: What does the Torah say about Shavout?

A: It’s at the end of counting the Omer; it’s the celebration of the wheat harvest; it’s when the ancient Israelites made a ‘first fruits’ sacrifice!

So, we’re building! Check out our wheat fields and Israelites bringing offerings to the Temple.

Wheat fields & first fruits
Market stalls in the courtyard of the Temple
Foreground: Child practicing Hebrew letters.
Background: Children building Shavuot in the Torah.

We’re delving into how Shavuot changes through time.
Next up… the Early Rabbis! Stay tuned :)