B-Mitzvah Celebration

Institute for Jewish Enrichment becomes B-Mitzvah!

2023-2024 is the Institute for Jewish Enrichment’s 13th year, our B-Mitzvah! We’re spending this year in classic B-Mitzvah fashion: learning with children, families, and educators around the country; reflecting on organizational accomplishments while setting the stage for our future; and, of course, celebrating!

The Little t Torah Project is a focal point of our B-Mitzvah celebration. This project will bring forward extraordinary moments from the organization’s first 13 years so that we – children, families, community, and staff – can reflect on and learn from these touchstones. We’ll get to revisit some of our favorite projects and texts to see them through new eyes! Not only is this project a beautiful collaboration of learning, but it lays the foundation for our organization to support educator development across North America that cherishes the child’s voice in Jewish learning.

It takes so many people to create and sustain the Institute for Jewish Enrichment, and we are grateful to every one of you for growing with us these past 13 years!


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