By Nursery and Kindergarten Children

Once Upon a Time… the princesses were getting their fancy dresses for Shabbat. 

They decided to go camping for Shabbat. 

They drove to their campsite in a fancy carriage called a Ferrari. They started unpacking their campsite and realized that they didn’t have challah. 

They had challah dough at their campsite, so they decided to make challah and let it rise over the campfire. They ate dinner. 

Then they went to the aquarium and fed the animals. A mermaid fed the animals, too. They went to sleep.

They woke up in the morning and went to the parking lot and then went to the farm to pick blueberries and strawberries for jam for Shabbat. 

A dog at the farm ate  jam and smushed blueberries so they had to pick them again.    

On Friday night they lit Shabbat candles, they ate the challah and drank their wine.

 They felt relaxed sitting in their chairs. They had marshmallows and cake and went to bed.

 When they woke up in the morning it was time to go home, the baby princess said, “Wah! I don’t want to go home I love Shabbat camping trips!” The queen said,  “We can always go on another Shabbat camping trip. Now it’s time to go home and you can watch a movie on the long drive.”