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Listening for Yom Kippur

Listen: the children are telling us what we need to know. This week at our end-of-session singing time, we asked children to tell their grown-ups what they love to do as a family and want to do more frequently. We asked children to tell their grown-ups what they wish their grown-ups would do less of. We …

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It’s Personal

So much of what we do in Anafim is done in חברותא (chavruta, learning partnership) or in groups. Like spontaneously comparing the text inside of different מחזורים (machzorim, High Holy Day prayerbooks), for example. Or watching a video of a Kol Nidrei service to get the “feel” of יום כפור(Yom Kippur).    As it happens, though, …

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The Elul Project Concludes

What do you hear inside the words of our High Holyday liturgy? For the past month, we – the community of this building – have joined in personal and communal reflection, centered in our liturgy and themes of this season: forgiveness, power, struggle, awe, yearning. We called it, The Elul Project, after the name of …

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