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Scenery Sketching

This week in Yetzirah (creativity – art), Anafim (“Branches,” for 3rd – 5th grades) worked on creating large scale paintings for a secret project that will be shown on June 5th! The way they translated a small rough draft into a huge canvas was very impressive. There was such a positive energy in the air. …

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Turbulent Timeline

For the past two weeks in Yetzirah (creativity – art), 3rd – 5th grade Anafim (“Branches”) children have been working on a large scale timeline with the important dates from Temple Judaism through Rabbinic Judaism.     They have been working together to have a group of four pieces (date, title, image, text) for each …

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Pastel Powder Power

For Shorashim and Shteelim’s new theme ספר (Sefer – book), we are designing a life sized תורה (Torah) with dividers for each of the five books. Each book of the Torah has a title at the top, which the children have stenciled out in pairs. On Wednesday & Thursday the children used chalk pastel to …

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Our Omer

This week in Yetzirah (art/creativity) all the different kevutzot (groups) worked together on parts of the Omer calendar. Anafim created the שבעת המינים (Sheva Minim – Seven Species) to decorate the bottom and symbolize the upcoming holiday of Shavuot.   Shorashim and Shteelim painted with watercolors little cards to keep track of the 49 days from the second …

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Glossing Glass

This week in Yetzirah, our nursery Shorashimers and kindergarten Shteelimers painted gloss enamel on glass to design their own special seder set! Shorashim made glass plates with the five circles for each part of the seder plate. Zeroa (shankbone) Beytza (egg) Karpas (parsley) Maror (bitter herb, like horseradish) Charoset (sweet apple salad) They chose the …

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Silk Screening & Stamping!

This week the Steelimers (kindergarten) painted פֶּסַח (peh-sach – passover) words (מַצָּה – matza & מְסֻבִּין – misubin) onto pillowcases for the seder! We talked about how most of the year we sit up straight while eating but on Pesach we מְסֻבִּין! (mi-su-bin – lean!) “It’s like a cushion for eating!” a Steelimer exclaimed, as they all demonstrated with their …

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Pesach Clay Play

Shorashim nursery children and Shteelim kindergarten children reacquainted themselves this week with what goes on the seder plate! We used colorful clay to make mini representations of כַּרְפַּס (Kar-pas – bitter herbs), זְרוֹעַ (zeh-ro-ah – bone shank), חֲרוֹסֶת (cha-ro-set – charoset), מָרוֹר  (maror – horseradish root), and בֵּיצָה (bey-tzah – egg). Some of us had extra time to make מַצָּה (matzah)!    …

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Projects Progress!

Nitzanim and Anafim are making huge steps towards there final projects! We thought hard, discussed, drafted, and redrafted our project ideas. Now, we are finally starting to create our projects! All that prep work has paid off and it is thrilling to see the ideas come to life. The Nitzanimers are primarily focused on using …

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Drafts and Dyes!

This week Shorashim and Shteelim used tie dye to show how Yosef felt on the outside of his tunic. “I’m making the colors of how יוסף (yo-sef -Yosef) felt in the pit. כחול (Ka-chole – Blue) means sad, אדום (adome – red) means mad, the grey he felt bad and the ירוק (yaroke – yellow) …

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Welcome to Mosaics!

This Special Day Monday, we visited ancient Greek architecture! Specifically, we looked at ancient Jewish mosaics and ruins. Throughout our space, we made our own individual mosaics with many different kinds of materials. Glass beads: Paper and Crayons:  Legumes and Glue:   Goodbye Greece, Yosef we’re coming back!