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A Visual Timeline of Feelings

Nitzanim v’Anafim (“Buds” for 1st-2nd grades and “Branches” for 3rd grade) has spent this week wrapping up our explorations of Genesis 13 before moving onto the next text within our אַבְרָהָם‎ וְלוֹט (Avraham v’Lot) theme, Genesis 18. We’ll work to keep all our big ideas about Genesis 13 live as we move onto the next …

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Drops of Joy: A Nitzanim Tale

It’s almost the end of the school year and Nitzanim knows how to enter and get started in the studio…. They know we sit in a big circle for some instructions. They know to put a smock on so their clothes don’t become evidence of their creations. They know to find a spot to sit …

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Aviv Heegi’a, Part 2 (Spring Has Arrived)

Last week, we sketched and painted watercolors of a sign that אביב הגיע (aviv heegi’a) – spring has arrived. This week, we took those paintings and used different materials to capture the same image in a new way. We used combinations of oil pastels or permanent markers plus watercolors to make our images come across …

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Aviv Cards and Some Frogs

We’re making cards for our grandparent(s). I’m making splatters! The splatters are flowers and this is a big old tree. My card is about אביב (aviv, or Spring). I’m making lots of trees. In Shorashim we used our “Pharoah’s Chair” that we made to play a singing game. By using the frogs we made as …

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Aviv Higi’a – Spring Has Arrived!

In our new Pesach song, we learned the words, “אביב הגיע” (spring has arrived). Nitzanim went outside to look for signs that אביב הגיע. Come see our paintings in the lobby.

Yom Rishon (First Day) and Yom Revee’ee (Fourth Day) Watercolors!

Yesterday, Nitzanim came into Yetzirah to start making watercolor interpretations of יום ראשון (Yom Rishon) and יום רביעי (Yom Revi’ee). First children planned their paintings by drawing out what they were going to paint and then used both the “wet on wet” and “wet on dry” techniques they learned earlier in the year, to create …

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Resisting Torah

Yesterday in Yetzirah, Nitzanim came and learned a resist technique. They filled in the letter “Tav”, or the Hebrew letters to spell out “Torah” with either white oil pastels or a white wax crayon. After that, they used both the “wet on wet” and “wet on dry” techniques they learned 2 weeks ago to paint …

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