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Oct 15

Building a Community Part 2

Drumroll please… Now presenting Nitzanim acting out their interpretation of our community expectations.  1) Take care of yourself.  One Nitzanimer described taking care of herself as choosing a person to sit next to who she wouldn’t be tempted to talk to. 2) Take care of each other.  Nitzanimers explained taking care of each other as …

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Dec 16

Hallel Theme Video

During this theme, we explored Hallel as the universal impulse to thank, praise, or celebrate in moments of great joy, or relief, or gratitude. Biblical stories offered children examples of different motivations for hallel, various modes of expression of hallel, and multiple settings for hallel. We explored artists’ expressions of Hallel – painting, dance, poetry, …

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Nov 12

Nitzanim Makes Music Pt. 2

This week in Nitzanim, kindergarteners made their own music to explore the story of Ya’akov’s dream. During כבוד (kibud — snack) recently, we’ve had several conversations about how Ya’akov feels at various points — when he is traveling in the desert toward Charan, when he is having the amazing dream of the ladder, when he wakes up …

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May 22

Nitzanim Writes a Play!

This week in Nitzanim, we’ve been working on writing stories or plays on the theme of Hashavat Avedah.  In any of these stories or plays, someone looses an object and someone else finds it and returns it.  The stories are all different, some are about real events, and some come from the children’s imaginations.   …

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Feb 27

Ivrit Progress in Anafim

  Sometimes as we engage in explorations it is hard to see the progress we make. That’s why, when we do make measurable progress, it is that much more exciting! This week, the Anafimers were able to see themselves how much they have accomplished in Ivrit. Let’s see how they got to the point where …

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Feb 27

Sharing and Creating for Purim

Nitzanim started reading and exploring the Purim story this week, preparing for our Purim celebration coming up in a few more weeks. Some of us knew the story well and could almost tell it without help, and some of us were just hearing it for the first time!   We had 6 children in the …

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Feb 25

Celebrating Our First-Time Megillah Readers!

What a joyous Purim! Our children, ages 4 – 8, stood up in front of our community and READ MEGILLAH! Extraordinary. They’re so young, and already starting to learn Hebrew and lead our community from the bimah. Can you imagine what our children will be like in five years? Plus: this morning’s accomplishment was such …

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May 24

Let the Heavens

Sing along!  

May 03

Nitzanim Revisits This Year’s Themes

This week in Nitzanim… (click above for a video of our work!) In preparation for our final huge Yetzirah project of the year, Nitzanim spent a few days revisiting this year’s themes – Sukkot, Breishit, and Shema. We revisited through the lens of Tzedakah VaChessed. Nitzanimers received play כסף (kesef-money) to spend on playing and …

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Feb 01

Pictures of Exploring the Shema (Week 4)

Watch the video with music below or see all the pics here!  

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