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May 24

New Ways of Playing Tzedakah!

This week Shorashim (‘Roots’ for Nursery) and Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for Kindergarten) have continued to play צדקה (Tzedakah) different ways. We already know that צדקה (Tzedakah– charity/justice) is money we give to help people who need it, but צדקה (Tzedakah – charity/justice) might be used to help in different ways. צדקה (Tzedakah- charity/justice) may be given to help build playgrounds in neighborhoods …

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May 18

The Tzedakah is Flowing In

This week in Beit Shorashim/Shteelim (“Bud” for Nursery and “Saplings” for Kindergarten) we have been playing different ways to give צדקה (Tzedakah) . We have found out that we don’t just have to give it to poor people, but we can give it different organizations to help give food at a food pantry, get supplies for …

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May 10

Tzedakah Play

The past few sessions Shorashim (‘Roots’ for Nursery) has been playing צדקה (Tzedakah) different ways. We have figured out that צדקה (Tzedakah) is money we give to help people who need it, but צדקה (Tzedakah) might be used to help in different ways. צדקה (Tzedakah) might be given to help people who are hungry but צדקה (Tzedakah) …

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May 03

Tzedakah Stories here there and everywhere

This week Shteelim and Shorashim (Buds and Saplings for our Nursery and Kindergarten) children started playing inside the theme of צדקה (Tzedakah). Shteelim children started telling their own צדקה stories with Morah Shterna as well as building, drawing, or acting out a different story that they wanted to tell. Shorashim children started hearing stories about צדקה and …

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May 29

Shorashim Decorates the Tzedakah Box

The short week didn’t stop Shorashim from having some thought provoking discussions!  With the paint now dry on our tzedakah box, we had a lot more to discuss. First we had to add other decorations.  In order to get ideas, we went out to take a look at how we decorated the Lost and Found …

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May 22

Shorashim Makes a Tzedakah Box

This week Shorashim explored the question of what to do when one finds lost money.  One Shorashimer found 3 pennies!  She was very concerned as to where they came from, so she decided to go around and ask to see if anyone at the Jewish Enrichment Center lost them.   They didn’t belong to anyone …

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