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A New Kind of Ivrit in Nitzanim!

Have you heard? When we came back from winter break, Nitzanimers had a new space AND a new way to do Ivrit. After a month of trying out our new strategy we can say with confidence that our new plan has been a HUGE success for מורות (morot—teachers) and children. Here’s how it works: Each …

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Nitzanim Researches Hallel

Yesterday first and second grade Nitzanimers visited Congregation Rodfei Zedek’s shacharit minyan to research הלל (hallel). We wanted to see if grown-ups could tell us stories about a time that they רוצים להלל (rotzim l’hallel–want to hallel) to add to the understanding of הלל (hallel) we’ve been developing through discussion of Daniel, King Darius, and Ya’akov. Before …

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