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Purim camp!

What a fun week of Purim camp so far! We’ve designed and made our own Purim costumes, played Megillat Esther and performed a Purim spiel, and today we’re making two different kinds of Purim treats for our se’udah (special Purim feast)! Yesterday’s spiel was a blast! From fabulous costumes to a detailed backdrop to expressive …

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Jewish Enrichment Center Camp: Matza Madness!

Five full days in a row at the Jewish Enrichment Center always leads to something new and special, and this past week was no different. Each day this past week was centered around one of the four names of passover: חג המצות (Chag haMatzot- Matzah Holiday) , חג האביב(Chag Heaviv – Spring Holiday) , זמן חרותינו, (Zeman Cheruteinu – Time …

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