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Cinnamon Rolls for…Shabbat?

On our Special Day (יום מיוחד), we explored the Shabbat spice. (Here’s one version of this Talmudic story). What makes Shabbat so special? What’s the special Shabbat “spice?”   And what does Shabbat have to do with cinnamon rolls? “Since cinnamon is one of the spices that we put into the בשמים (b’samim – spices).” …

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Sweet Smells of Shabbat

Monday was a Special Day and we did all things Shabbat: singing, reading and creating. In yetzirah, the children explored 3 components of Havdalah: the kiddush cup, the braided candle and the spice box. During Havdalah we sip the sweet wine/grape juice, see the warm bring light of the candle and smell the sweet spices …

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I love our Special Days. Spending the whole day together lets us spend long periods focusing on a single project, if we want. And he wanted to. He got to spend TWO HOURS working on a בשמים (b’samim – spices) bag for havdalah, taking breaks when he wanted. (We smell spices at the end of Shabbat so we’re …

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