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Completing the Year on a Sweet Note

Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) had a wonderful last week of Jewish Enrichment for the שנה (shanah– year)! Playing one last game of מסטיק (Mastik– the Hebrew version of, “bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish”)! Last עברית (Ivrit– Hebrew) choices! Finishing our אותיות (otiot– Hebrew letters) book! Playing a משחק צבע (mischak tzevah– color game) outside with the parachute! …

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New Ways of Playing Tzedakah!

This week Shorashim (‘Roots’ for Nursery) and Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for Kindergarten) have continued to play צדקה (Tzedakah) different ways. We already know that צדקה (Tzedakah– charity/justice) is money we give to help people who need it, but צדקה (Tzedakah – charity/justice) might be used to help in different ways. צדקה (Tzedakah- charity/justice) may be given to help build playgrounds in neighborhoods …

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The Tzedakah is Flowing In

This week in Beit Shorashim/Shteelim (“Bud” for Nursery and “Saplings” for Kindergarten) we have been playing different ways to give צדקה (Tzedakah) . We have found out that we don’t just have to give it to poor people, but we can give it different organizations to help give food at a food pantry, get supplies for …

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Tzedakah Play

The past few sessions Shorashim (‘Roots’ for Nursery) has been playing צדקה (Tzedakah) different ways. We have figured out that צדקה (Tzedakah) is money we give to help people who need it, but צדקה (Tzedakah) might be used to help in different ways. צדקה (Tzedakah) might be given to help people who are hungry but צדקה (Tzedakah) …

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Tzedakah Stories here there and everywhere

This week Shteelim and Shorashim (Buds and Saplings for our Nursery and Kindergarten) children started playing inside the theme of צדקה (Tzedakah). Shteelim children started telling their own צדקה stories with Morah Shterna as well as building, drawing, or acting out a different story that they wanted to tell. Shorashim children started hearing stories about צדקה and …

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Shorashim V’Shteelim Shavuot!

This week Shorashim (roots for nursery) and Shteelim (saplings for kindergarten) started our new theme, שבועות (Shavuot). We have been playing מגילת רות (Megillat Rut- The Book of Ruth), which is a special Jewish book that some Jews read or hear on שבועות (Shavuot). Much of our play has focused on three main characters – …

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A Community Celebration

On חגים (chagim–holidays), we do things differently at the Jewish Enrichment Center. We put away our writing materials, we don’t take photos or use our iPads, and we spend time as a whole community. It’s our way of marking the holiday as special or different and an opportunity for children of all ages to celebrate …

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Pesach book making and tasting

In Beit Shorashim and Shteelim this week we worked hard on the books that each child was going to bring home for their seder. Shorashim children created a book about the different items on the seder plate and their smells and taste of those items. The Shteelim children made books with the different parts of …

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Shorashim and Shteelim Prepare for Pesach!

Shorashim (roots for nursery) and Shteelim (saplings for kindergarten) are getting ready for פסח (Pesach- Passover)! We are playing games in order to help us become familiar with the vocabulary of the סדר (Seder) plate and מה נשתנה (Ma Nishtanah- The Four Questions). Puzzles to practice עברית (Hebrew) words for סדר (Seder) plate items. Finding …

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Purim is On the Way!

Purim is on it’s way and our Shorashim v Shteelim (Nursesary and Kindergarten) children could not be more excited. We have been trying on different costumes all week to be able to figure out which character we might want to dress up as for Purim!