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Hunting for more

This week we have been filling up our Torah wall! We are all the way down to Ba’midbar (Numbers), which means we’ve heard stories from Bereshit, Shmot, Va’yicrá, and Ba’midbar. Some children consider the Yosef story to be the best!, others really like the Pesach story, or the new donkey story. We have been hunting …

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Sefer (Book) is our new theme!

Leaving Pesach behind, it is time to look into what makes our Judaism rich and intriguing. We are looking into the special Jewish books where all the stories and prayers are found. The Torah is one of the most popular amongst the children, but we are starting to know the Chumash (Torah in book form), …

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Happy Passover

When Jewish holidays fall on Enrichment Center days, we do something special to recognize the holiday. This week, we invited children to read together. Beautiful.

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!

This week in Shorashim/Shteelim (Nursery/Kindergarten), we got super ready for the upcoming holiday of Pesach. It was not enough to learn the Ma Nishtanah and learn the items of the seder plate; this week we went deep into thinking what every food item we eat might mean for the Hebrews who were free after being …

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Glossing Glass

This week in Yetzirah, our nursery Shorashimers and kindergarten Shteelimers painted gloss enamel on glass to design their own special seder set! Shorashim made glass plates with the five circles for each part of the seder plate. Zeroa (shankbone) Beytza (egg) Karpas (parsley) Maror (bitter herb, like horseradish) Charoset (sweet apple salad) They chose the …

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Ma Nishtanah?

We have tackled the fundamental parts of the story of פֶּסַח (pesach), but it is time for us to delve into the four questions of the Ma Nishtanah.  The Shorashimers have started learning the song by listening on the iPads and hearing them during Pegisha. While Shteelimers are creating their own charts by writing the most …

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Pesach is coming!

Pesach is one of our big holidays, and there’s much we need to prepare. The children are starting to hear the story of the Israelites in Egypt, understanding the hard and arduous conditions they lived through to overcome slavery and be finally free. We are getting to know the items that go on the seder plate …

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Yosef in all his colors!

This week we have continued the exploration of יוסף (Yosef) and the kids’ understanding of the story. With the creation of puppets, costumes, and building parts of the story, while thinking about Yosef’s יוסף feelings in Yetzirah. The topics of family, sadness, power, hunger, and emotion have all come up.  A very modern castle for …

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Building with Yosef!

In Shorashim-Sheelim we have new explorations this week! We are building parts of the story of יוסף (Yosef) with different materials. The children talked about the parts of the story that most excited them and the way they could represent it with blocks, magnets,  costumes, or making their own puppets! We built the prison. And the pit …

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Letter-castles and famine in Egypt

This week in Shorashim-Shteelim has been one full of games,  עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) and יוסף (Yosef – Joseph). With the story of יוסף moving further along, we have now arrived in Egypt, in prison, and have heard of Yosef’s doing with פרעה (Par’oh – Pharaoh). Here are some things the children said – “Par’oh was the …

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