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Nov 28

Yetzirah is for Messy & Creative Children!

Over the last several yetzirah sessions this year I’ve gotten to know the children well. I know some are quick to get their thoughts out onto paper, and I know some prefer a to make a draft sketch before their final production. And I know some live for the moment when they plunge their little …

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Jun 07

Shorashim Reviews the Year with Ivrit in Yetzirah

Shorashim has had a full year of exploration at the Jewish Enrichment Center- including tons of games and projects about the Hebrew names of body parts. During our last session as Shorashim before the Enrichment Center community exploration and picnic, the Shorashimers practiced saying יד yad (hand) and אצבעות etzbaot (fingers) in addition to drawing …

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May 02

Coming Soon: David & Yonatan, The Movie

On Sunday the Shorashimers and Shteelimers joined together in Yetzirah to record sound effects for a very anticipated movie coming soon to your local Jewish Enrichment Center theater! דוד & יונתן (David & Jonathan) is a story of yedidut, friendship, and many dramatic moments of emotion, action and secret codes. Shorashim and Shteelim have created …

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Apr 25

What is a friend??

Shorashim and Shteelim spent another Sunday morning collaborating and learning from one another. Using the story of David and Jonathan, as well as Yeta the Beautiful Hen (a particularly awesome Yiddish/English/Spanish children’s book), both groups have explored questions like, “What is a friend? What do friends do together? How do I know if someone is …

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Apr 18

Shteelim and Shorashim Explore Yedidut (Friendship)

Over the past two weeks Shteelim has been learning about Yedidut (friendship). That’s meant really exploring compromise, communication, and learning new partner games. The Shorashimers have had some new exploration of their own in pretty big ways. Shorashim has also been exploring communication, compromise, and new partner games…. but in a whole new space! These …

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Apr 12

Friendly Yadayim (Hands)

This past Sunday our Shorashimers paid a visit to Beyt Shteelim and were paired up for the day. How exciting to experience a glimpse of their upcoming year! And, how friendly it was for the Shteelimers to welcome them and work side by side! In Yetzirah, older and younger children traced ידים (yadayim – hands) …

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Mar 15

Surprises in Shorashim

Like Shteelim and Netzanim, Shorashim is helping to create our beautiful community Ma Tovu tent! (Check out this post to explore this incredible project). When the Shorashimers approached the white fabric and began to sponge on paint, they were excited to discover Morah Naomi had painted their שמות shemot (names) onto the cloth with a special paint …

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Mar 14

Mah Tovu: Made By Our Community, For Our Community

Every group of the Jewish Enrichment Center participated in Yetzirah this week- it was pretty extraordinary! Through out this Boker Tov unit we have focused on ourselves: how we treat others and how the Modeh Ani prayer resonates with us individually. And there’s no better way to wrap up the unit than with a communal activity …

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Mar 04

Under Here, Over There, Afikomen Everywhere!

To kick off our Passover exploration, the Shorashimers made all the parts of a seder plate. Then once our pretend matzah was made and our floor size seder plate set, we were ready for…an Afikomen hunt! At first the Shorashimers were excited and wanted to go searching alone. But soon we found new ways to …

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Feb 17

Purim prep!

Today the Shorashimers prepped for Purim in all kinds of ways. From making Ester, Mordechai and Haman puppets, to reading stories and making groggers in Yetzirah, the Shorashimers had a full day of the sights and sounds of Purim. One of our highlights involved dressing up our classroom bear as each of the Purim characters. …

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