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May 23

Preparing to Say Shalom in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about remembering the experiences we shared together. In the sensory table, we searched for photos of many of the different learning experience we shared this year. Excitedly, we recognized our friends’ faces and our own face. We also revisited some of our favorite explorations from the year together. …

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May 07

Torah Learning in Shalom Chaverim

Our exploration of the Torah continues in Shalom Chaverim! This week the children took a special parade together, travelling around our building with our grown-ups in search of a real Torah. We are exploring images or the Torah, and noticing the special coverings they wear to keep them safe. This week the children took a …

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Apr 23

Exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim

We are busy exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim. We are burying and uncovering pictures of the Torah in the sensory table– sharing conversation about the colors and shapes that we see. We are exploring all of the special objects that go along with the Torah– a yad for pointing out letters, a ner amid …

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Apr 02

Pesach Explorations in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim are exploring the sights, sounds, and even tastes of Pesach. Many of the objects we are examining are new and exciting for us– so lots of rich conversations are happening as children make meaning of what they see and feel. “Whats on the Seder plate?” is a question we posed …

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Mar 05

Hamantashen in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim this week were busy exploring hamantashen– through stories, through singing, through sensory play and baking.   We talked a lot about mislach manot. We are learning to share– and learning how happy it makes others when we do! We shared toy feed around the classroom, and created our own baskets …

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Feb 19

Preparing for Purim!

This week the children in Shalom Chaverim were busy, busy, busy exploring all the sights, sounds and symbols of Purim! In the sensory table, we searched (and buried, and uncovered again and again) photos of children around the world celebrating Purim. As we play, we are noticing things that are the same across the celebrations– …

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Jan 22

Shabbat around the World in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim we used our guf (bodies) to explore the ways Jewish people around the world celebrate Shabbat!   There were ample opportunities to use our af (nose) to smell the spices of Havdalah as we created our own spice paint together– and then we used out etzbaot (fingers) to create colorful and fragrant …

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Jan 15

Saying Shalom to Shabbat!

This week in Shalom Chaverim we found out lots of things our guf( body) may see, hear, smell, and even taste at havdalah, when we say good bye to Shabbat and “shavua tov!”   We are sorting and matching the shapes, in puzzles and along the window.   With our etzbaot (fingers) we are touching …

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Dec 04

Ready for Hanukkah

In Shalom Chaverim this week, we are busy exploring the sights and symbols of Hanukkah. We are counting the candles (in English and Hebrew!) as we fit them into real hanukkiyot, in the kitchen area and inside a sensory table, buried in rice.   We are touching and manipulating (and sometimes even tasting!) the candles …

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Nov 05

Finding Mezuzzot in Shalom Chaverim

Last week in Shalom Chaverim, children explored the question, “What do we find in a Jewish home?”   We explored together, by creating a little Jewish home in the middle of the table. Does it need a table? A chair? Some challah? What about a mezuzah? And where should the mezuzzah go In the block …

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