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Jan 27

Beit Knesset in Shalom Chaverim

We spent our time together in Shalom Chaverim this week beginning to explore some of the objects you might find in a synogogue. There were pictures right at eye level for crawlers to find and examine… And bigger pictures for older children to examine and embellish with dry erase markers. As we draw and scribble …

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Jan 23

Shalom Chaverim Visits Yetzirah

Our youngest Jewish Enrichment Center children are ALSO making matzah covers! This week, Shalom Chaverim families visited our yetzirah (art/expression) studio to start the natural dying process. Some of us were ready to dive in and do every step.     Others of us were a little more hesitant… And some of us preferred entirely …

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Jan 23

Natural Dyeing & Revealing Our Matzah Covers

As you may have read, last week all of the children began the long-term project of naturally dyeing fabric with fruits, veggies, and spices. It was all very exciting, but the energy didn’t stop there! There was a buzz around yetzirah… “Morah Na’omi, are [the jars] ready yet?!”   “Can I look at my jar?!” …

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Jan 12

Trees, Trees, Trees!

The children in Shalom Chaverim found so many different ways to explore trees today! This Shalom Chaverim child is hard at work creating a forest. We counted our trees and noticed all the different colors leaves could be! All the children explored trees in their own way– some buried the trees under play dough only …

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Dec 20

Getting Ready for Tu B’Shevat!

This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about exploring trees. We had the chance to explore natural wooden blocks (one of many gifts from the trees!) and a variety of model trees. Then there were many chances to make our own trees– either with paper and paint, or with leaves and contact paper at the …

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Dec 11

Let’s Explore Trees!

Though it may seem early, Tu B’Shevat is quickly approaching! Last Sunday, we spent the morning in Shalom Chaverim getting ready to say “Yom Huledet Same’ach” to the trees! We created our own trees with real leaves, twigs, and flowers in play dough. Some children created elaborate tall, tree-like structures, while others were very focused …

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Nov 25

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

There were lots of ways to explore the dreidel this week in Shalom Chaverim. Some of the youngest children were very interested in exploring a discovery box filled with dreidels of different shapes, textures, and sizes. One child slowly built up her courage to reach a hand into the box– she made small, tentative movements …

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Oct 27

Learning about Shabbat in Shalom Chaverim

In Shalom Chaverim this week there were many new things to explore! There was a lot of interest in our new “sticky window.” (A piece of contact paper spread over the window.) Children arranged and rearranged Shabbat objects and even practiced sharing challah and candlesticks with one another. In addition to the flat representations of …

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Oct 21

Baking Challot

The Shalom Chaverim room smelled amazing on Sunday! We learned all about challah, starting with an exploration of some of the tools used to make challah. Some children made measuring and stirring motions, and several chose to try on a mixing bowl as a hat. Then there were ingredients to stir, and measure, and explore. …

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Oct 02

Welcome to Shalom Chaverim!

This Sunday in Shalom Chaverim was a great time for making new friends! Children and families spent our time together getting to know one another and beginning to learn about Shabbat. We had the chance to explore a play kitchen and set a table for a Shabbat dinner. Watermelon and cookies were served, along with …

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