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Nitzanim Explore Siddurim

This week, Nitzanimers ventured down to the Rodfei Zedek sanctuary to explore סידורים (siddurim), and, more specifically, the text of Psalm 150. We found where the סידורים (siddurim) are kept outside of the sanctuary, and each child got his or her own סידור (siddur) to bring into the room. When we went up to sit on the …

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Shorashim Investigates Items in the Beit Knesset

As part of our new Beit Knesset theme, we had a brand new addition to our room: an ארון קודש (aron kodesh – holy ark/Torah ark)!  Many Shorashimers knew without us even opening it that there was a Torah in there!   We were all fascinated by the Torah and made some observations about the …

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