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Jun 12

HaSefer Sheli (My Book)

At some point this past week your child(ren) probably brought home a whole mess of totally awesome stuff they created at the Jewish Enrichment Center over the past year. One of them most definitely was their HaSefer Sheli. They completed this book in Yetzirah to review all those great things they learned and remember fun …

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May 15

Ha Safair Sheli הספר שלי (My Book)

As the Jewish Enrichment Center comes to its last month of 5774, in Yetzirah all of the children are reflecting and showing off what they’ve learned! They have started making some what of a memory book that they are calling הספר שלי (Ha Sefair Sheli, My Book). In this book we will revisit each theme (from Rivkah, to Beit …

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Dec 19

Anafim puts on a play

Our Wednesday Anafimers have spent time in an amazing extended yetzirah (art/expression) project. As the project wrapped up it became clear the Anafimers had other talents itching to be unleashed, and a dramatic production was in order! Morah Hinda read the chassidic story “Mendel the Thief” in which the thief sets out to trick the …

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Dec 13

Stories in Anafim

As the absolutely spellbinding story of Rivkah winds up in Anafim we have branched out to other stories that either relate to our Rivkah story or are just plain enjoyable! Every Tuesday when all 12 Anafimers attend, we begin our time at the Jewish Enrichment Center with Z’man Boded, time for each child to be …

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Dec 12

Rivkah Theme Finale! Join Us!

The Anafim children have finished all of their yetzirah projects for our Rivkah theme, and we can’t wait to show them off! Join us on Sunday, Dec 15th at 9am to explore the Jewish Enrichment Center children’s ideas, quotes, drawings, sculptures and pictures of them in action! Here’s a teaser! An Anafimer boy sketched Rivkah’s …

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Dec 11

Nitzanim Tackle Big Questions

On Tuesday, Nitzanim went back to visit the Torah. In small groups, we searched for our main character’s names (Yitzchak, Ya’akov, Rivkah, Esav), which we’ve been practicing reading. While reflecting on the story and at its source, our children wondered about big question: is the story real? After some processing in our first group, one …

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Dec 05

Accessing Rivkah Through Clay & Iconography

In yetzirah, the Anafimers are doing a few types of portraiture. We have focused on our main character Rivkah, studying her actions and words in all three stories we’ve read. On Wednesdays, the Anafimers create portraits of Rivkah in clay. We really tried to capture her facial expressions and feelings from Story 1, 2 and …

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Nov 28

A whirlwind week in Anafim

This week in Anafim we had a million and a half things to work on. In between our regular Ivrit (Hebrew) work and routine activities, we also found ourselves scrambling to finish our special Chanukah project (a light box combining pictures of our families and beautiful Chanukiot we drew). Additionally, this past week we got …

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Nov 20

Clay Portraits of Rivkah (2nd Story, Genesis 25)

Today the Anafimers finished their latest clay portrait, the portrait of our character Rivkah in the second story (Genesis 25). Several of them started off illustrating how Rivkah felt when “the two brothers struggled inside her” as an Anafimer quoted from the text. Dramatic pictures were taken of the Anafimers acting like Rivkah in such …

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Nov 14

Nitzanim is Kind During Mischakim

This week in Nitzanim, in addition to reading the third story in our saga of Rivkah, we have been working how to be kind to one another during Mischakim (games).  We are learning how to listen to the מורות (morot – teachers) when they explain the rules, how to keep our גופים (gufim– bodies) to …

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