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May 27

It’s Play Time in 3rd – 5th Grade!

Third through fifth grade Anafim (“Branches”) children are writing and producing our own play! Our play is based on legends about an early rabbi, Rabbi Akiva. It has been tremendously exciting. We divided into teams (loosely) and got down to business. Writing Team: We collaborated on an entire script! “I didn’t know it was so hard to …

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Nov 20

Partner Text Study (Chavrutah) for 3rd – 5th Grade

There are three Voices in chavrutah (partner text study): 1. Me 2. My chavrutah (partner) 3. The text We listen carefully to all three voices to hear what they’re saying. We wrestle with text as a big group, sharing our initial thoughts about what the text means. We express our ideas using a different modality …

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Feb 16

Nitzanim Hears from the Rabbis

Now that Nitzanimers have identified the big question they’ll pursue for the rest of our theme, we’ve started consulting outside opinions to try to answer our questions. Specifically, we’ve turned to early Rabbinic texts for some answers. Last week Nitzanimers got their first taste of Rabbinic ideas, and this week we continue to consult the …

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Feb 16

Who Got It Right?

Back at the beginning of this theme, Anafim wondered, “How did anyone know that  משה (Moshe – Moses) had hit the Egyptian?” On Tuesday, they got some ideas from the Early Rabbis about what it means when it says “He looked around and saw that no man was there” (Exodus 2:12): It means, “No one really …

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Dec 18

So, did the Miracle Happen?

After three weeks getting an in-depth look at Maccabees 1 and Maccabees 2 Anafim had to come to terms with one fact: The famous story of oil lasting 8 days was conspicuously absent. Anafim, at least on יום שני (yom sheni – Monday), were unfazed: Boy 1: I still like the holiday. Girl 1: Its not really possible for …

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Jun 09

Anafim 5774 Hashavat Aveidah Presentation

  Below are the words of the Anafim children compiled by their Morah (educator).   Girl, age 7: We read the Torah verses that introduce Hashavat Aveidah, returning lost objects. We noticed the last words, “Don’t hide from the responsibility.” We thought that the Torah tells you to do Hashavat Aveidah but it does not tell …

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Jun 06

Celebrating Together

Nitzanim came in to the Jewish Enrichment Center ready to learn and explore! Before they even made it upstairs, we were already noticing the new signs around the building pointing to Anafim’s new and improved lost and found box. One child came in with a BIG question. He came in and observed that losing objects …

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May 15

Anafim rocks out with the the rabbis

This past week was super exciting in Anafim! Our loyal readers will remember that we left off our study of hashavat aveidah with a sense that the Torah text didn’t really give all the information we needed to return on lost object to its owner. So we turned to the early rabbis for help. We …

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Apr 10

Anafim Explores Mishnah*

*The Mishnah is an early rabbinic text, codified about 220 C.E. As mentioned last week, Anafim embarked on a crazy journey, learning what the early rabbis had to say about the ritual of Afikoman and becoming Afikomen experts. To recap: The Anafimers knew that the early rabbis said “don’t have an Afikomen”, meaning the Greek …

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Apr 02

Pesach is in the air in Anafim!

  For this Pesach, Anafim is determined to become Afikomen experts! Some Anafimers carry a family tradition of hiding and searching for the Afikomen (the broken piece of middle matzah) and were thus fascinated to find out that the word Afikomen is actually from a Greek word! Looking at the word epi komion, which denotes …

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