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Purim camp!

What a fun week of Purim camp so far! We’ve designed and made our own Purim costumes, played Megillat Esther and performed a Purim spiel, and today we’re making two different kinds of Purim treats for our se’udah (special Purim feast)! Yesterday’s spiel was a blast! From fabulous costumes to a detailed backdrop to expressive …

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“Epic” Special Days

No school? No problem! When the children in the School-Day Program have a day or two off from remote learning, we gather for a fun day of Jewish enrichment. In addition to art, building, cooking, and running around indoors and outdoors, our usual plan includes movie-making based on a book with Jewish content. First we …

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Purim with the Family Program

 פּוּרִים (Purim) is coming! פּוּרִים (Purim) is a joyful and merry sort of holiday. In the Family Program for 3 – 5 year old children that meets on Tuesday mornings, we began to learn some פּוּרִים (Purim) vocabulary through story, game and songs. We sang the song Chag Purim and put on our מַסֵּכָוֹת (masechot– …

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