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נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”) Puppets

In Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten), we have begun working out our final project for our theme,  תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark”). The first thing we did was make a puppet of the character, נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”). As children were adding clothes and facial expressions, I asked some questions about נֹחַ (Noach – “Noah”). In …

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A Reading of Our Own

In classic Anafim (“Branches,” for 2nd and 3rd grades) form, our room filled with the buzz of creation as all prepared for a dramatic reading of Megillat Esther (the story of Esther). We obviously needed costumes to get into character. Chag Purim Semeach (happy Purim) from Anafim to you!

More Purim Fun!

This week Shorashim had some more Purim fun! We continued to play with the Purim character puppets from last week. And then we made our own!  How excited we were to make our own versions of King Achashverosh, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and Haman. Some children used a template for each character. Others used a blank …

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Shorashim Explores Purim

This week Shorashim began to learn about the upcoming holiday of Purim!  We listened to the story about how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Shushan.   We decorated templates of the four major characters: Queen Esther, King Achashverosh, Mordechai, and Haman.   We cut them out and taped popsicle sticks to the back to …

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Nitzanim Tells Back the Story of Rivkah

This week in Nitzanim we’ve been working on getting to know the story of Rivkah in Genesis 24 even better!     As one big group, we took turns telling the story together!  Twelve different Nitzanimers contributed to retelling (each line is a different child speaking). “Sara died, and Avraham mourned her.  Avraham asked his …

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Learning Through Puppets

This week Shteelim learned what we educators call “social scripts” which is a fancy way to facilitate friendly behavior, sharing, compromising, and other skills that children can carry into their growing years! In Yetzirah, we focused on the script “Can we do this beyachad [together]?”…”Ken [yes]!” -or- “Lo, toda [no, thank you]. Maybe later.” In Beyt …

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