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May 23

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This week all of NItzanim’s hard work came to a head when they were finally ready to film with props, sets and puppets in hand! A quick writing activity helped them sort out which puppets they need for the scene: עצוב (ah-tzuv, sad) David or שמח (sah-may-ach, happy) David; angry or calm Melech Shaul… Here a group …

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Feb 29

Making the Story of Purim Come Alive for Young Learners

The Shorashim learners have been familiarizing themselves with the basic narrative of Purim so that they can more fully enjoy participating in upcoming Purim community events like carnivals, parades, and Megillah readings. This week, after hearing the story of Purim told many times in different ways, the children enjoyed making their own Purim puppets so …

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Feb 15

A Bear, A Toothbrush, and a Kiddush Cup Walk into a Forest. . .

. . . No that’s not the set-up for a joke! This strange beginning was the inciting incident of an impromptu puppet drama acted out by the Shorashim learners on Tuesday. Using toilet-roll trees we’d made earlier in our Tu b’Shevat mini-theme, and Boker/Leyla (Morning/Evening) puppets from our Shema exploration (the teddy bear and toothbrush …

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Jan 23

Eifo Moreh Mike? (Where’s Moreh Mike?)

Nitzanimers have been working on a puppet show that’s entirely in Hebrew. We celebrate every time one of us performs!  

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