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Dec 02

Wondering Together

Wondering Booth (noun): A small, enclosed space in Beit Nitzanim dedicated to conversation about children’s Big Questions. Over the last seven weeks, children have developed Big Questions. These are questions about ברכה (berakha—blessing) that matter to each child personally, questions that indicate a deep wrestling with ברכה (berakha—blessing) as a concept. Sometimes children turn to …

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Sep 10

Patterns in Nature, Patterns in Ourselves

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim (“Buds,” for 1st-2nd grade children) took a closer look at one of the natural symbols of Rosh Hashanah: תפוחים (tapuchim- apples). We used sliced halves of tapuchim as our painting instruments to create a tapestry for Nitzanim.       תודה (toda– thank you), Nitzanim! During the first week of Jewish Enrichment Center, you made …

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Jun 08

Nitzanim Year in Review

Today children had the opportunity to work in small groups to make a skit highlighting their year. It seems like some of our special memories include pointing during the yom huledet (happy birthday) song, reading Hebrew together, writing on the aleph bet wall, making our bench, and so much more! Click on the video to hear directly from the …

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Jun 03

Nitzanim makes a mosaic!

This week in yetzirah (art/creativity), Nitzanim worked together to create and finish their final project for the year, a mosaic bench.  For the last two weeks, children collaborated to create three symbols, one for each of our three main themes this past year, Hallel, Haggadah, and Sh’mitah.  Nitzanim thought, talked, and drew to invent unique, simplified …

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Jun 01

Why These Symbols?

Last week I wrote about Nitzanim planning the symbols for our final project, a mosaic bench! The symbols for our three main themes, Hallel, Haggadah, and Sh’mitah help us remember our explorations and discussions from the theme. Here are some of the ideas that children shared about why a music note is representative of our …

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May 25

Nitzanim Plans for Our Final Project

To celebrate and reflect on our year, Nitzanim is working on a special yetzirah (art/creativity) project–a mosaic bench! The children worked together to design the symbols for the bench, which represent our three main themes for the year: Hallel, Haggadah, and Sh’mitah. Children revisited our themes through photographs and then created sketches of potential symbols. The …

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May 18

Final Thoughts on Sh’mitah

Nitzanim wrapped up our שמיטה (Sh’mitah—release) theme yesterday and today. Children were urged to consider the many pieces we touched on during שמיטה (Sh’mitah—release) including farming (perennials, annuals, nutrients), rest (for the land and our bodies), and הפקר (hefker—ownerlessness) Here are some of their responses to the question, “how could שמיטה (sh’mitah—release) be good for our community?”: …

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May 11

Nitzanim Creates with Tiny Materials

Last week Nitzanim designed scenes with tiny natural materials like corks, paperclips, raffia, lentils and much more! Children responded to our הפקר (hefker) source text from ויקרא (Vayikra—Leviticus) 25:6-7: But whatever the land grows during the Shabbat year is for you, to eat – for you, and for your servant and for your maidservant, and …

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May 04

עברית Ivrit Round-Up

Nitzanim has made incredible strides this year during זמן עברית(zeman Ivrit—Hebrew time) both in terms of skill growth and self direction. Over the last few weeks, it has become clear that children are so capable and so familiar with our routine. Today, I looked around the room and every child was engaged with עברית (Ivrit—Hebrew), …

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Apr 27

Nitzanim Plans Fields for שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

Yesterday and today, Nitzanim participated in an activity to help them understand the science behind שמיטה (sh’mitah—release). In groups of two, children were assigned a crop, either perennial or annual, and told to design their field with blocks. They each had a glass jar of “nutrients.” While they built, we acted out a scenario to …

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