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Nitzanim Says להתראות (L’Hitraot – See You Soon!)

This week Nitzanim said להתראות (L’Hitraot – See you soon!).   We had an amazing year, and we were so glad to end it by celebrating our time in Nitzanim in such a special way.

HaSefer Sheli (My Book)

At some point this past week your child(ren) probably brought home a whole mess of totally awesome stuff they created at the Jewish Enrichment Center over the past year. One of them most definitely was their HaSefer Sheli. They completed this book in Yetzirah to review all those great things they learned and remember fun …

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Celebrating Together

Nitzanim came in to the Jewish Enrichment Center ready to learn and explore! Before they even made it upstairs, we were already noticing the new signs around the building pointing to Anafim’s new and improved lost and found box. One child came in with a BIG question. He came in and observed that losing objects …

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Nitzanim Thinks Like the Rabbis

This week, over kibud, we read the Mishna from Bava Metzia 2:2, which talks about what kinds of things you must “proclaim” if you find them.   This is what our children had to say on what you’d need to return:   Girl 1:  It depends on what it is.  If it’s a penny, that’s …

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Nitzanim Writes a Play!

This week in Nitzanim, we’ve been working on writing stories or plays on the theme of Hashavat Avedah.  In any of these stories or plays, someone looses an object and someone else finds it and returns it.  The stories are all different, some are about real events, and some come from the children’s imaginations.   …

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Stained Glass… Again!

Did you know there are so many different ways to replicate the look of stained glass?! This week Nitzanim did yet another version of stained glass using water color and tape! First they drew a basic Torah shape, like a rectangle with two lines at the top and bottom for etzem. Then they covered that …

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Ha Safair Sheli הספר שלי (My Book)

As the Jewish Enrichment Center comes to its last month of 5774, in Yetzirah all of the children are reflecting and showing off what they’ve learned! They have started making some what of a memory book that they are calling הספר שלי (Ha Sefair Sheli, My Book). In this book we will revisit each theme (from Rivkah, to Beit …

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A New Job in Nitzanim

Even as our year draws to a close, Nitzanim are getting new responsibilities. Our newest one, just added to פגישה [pegisha; meeting] last week involves putting together lots of the Hebrew that we’ve been working on all year. Each day, one child in Nitzanim gets an opportunity to build a sentence out of legos. The sentence …

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Nitzanim Shows Their Skills

We are so proud of our Nitzanimers this year who have acomplished so many things in their עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenges.  Everyone’s been working hard to challenge themselves and learn more than they knew at the beginning of the year.  Including the boy in the video before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ctRCcS8dU0&feature=youtu.be With very little help from the morah, he …

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Yoga Chayot, Teva, Pesach and Shavuot!

Every Wednesday after Shirah/Tfillah the children and I do yoga together. It started out as a movement break while only speaking Hebrew. But as time went on, they learned more and more Hebrew and needed more of a challenge. So we did Yoga Teva taking them through the cycle of a grown plant or tree. …

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