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A Year of Yetzirah Revisited

This week in Yetzirah (and in Beyt Shteelim!), the Shteelimers reviewed many of the skills, techniques and Ivrit (Hebrew) vocabulary they learned throughout the year. It’s interesting to see what they remember, how they’ve improved and how they do things differently this time around. Several Shteelim girls showed off their Ivrit (Hebrew) writing skills by painting the אותיות (otiot- …

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Guest Blog Post from Beth Niestat

From Rebecca: Beth Niestat is mom to a Nitzanimer (1st grade) and a fourth grader. When I heard about their family’s Torah study based on our Keshet exploration this fall, I was on intensely curious how it would turn out. I love how Beth captures the reality of home life as a full-time working parent …

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The Tzevah Wheel Game

The Tzevah Wheel Game was a huge hit with our Shteelimers this week! Not only did it produce laughter and clapping, it also helped us review what we’ve learned over the last several months during our Keshet theme: צבעים (tzeva’eem – colors) in Hebrew, primary, secondary and complimentary tzeva’eem and experimenting with mixing different tzeva’eem. …

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א and ב with our גופים (Gufim – Bodies)!

Some children in Shteelim were itching for an Ivrit (Hebrew) challenge this week. We decided to see if we could make the letters א and ב with our bodies! The children had to try it out a few times and help each other position their גופים (gufim – bodies) until it was just right. Do …

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Joyful Keshet

Has the paint come off their toes yet? We had a WONDERFUL time painting! Our collaborative painting will be part of Sunday’s family keshet exploration. See you there!

Listening to What Our Children Notice

Yesterday in Shteelim, the מורות (morot – educators) overheard children talk about how it gets dark much earlier in the day. We took this opportunity to listen and create an unscheduled activity – shadow puppets. The Shteelimers worked in pairs to be/create חיות (chayot – animals) with their bodies, animals that made it onto the …

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Imagining a Scene in Hebrew

Using Hebrew words from our play, Achbar Mitzayer (Mouse Paint), children have been imagining silly scenes and dialogues. We put the Hebrew words together to make sentences, and then laugh at the silly things our characters say to one another!

Our Keshet

This week in Shorashim we used all of our senses to learn about the tzevaim (colors) in the keshet (rainbow). After making rain sounds with our hands, feet, and voices, we searched our room for the tzevaim of a keshet. Together, we shouted and whispered the names of each tzeva.   Our exploration culminated in drawing a keshet together!

Nitzanim and Shteelim Learn Together

Shteelim and Nitzanim have both been working with the story Achbar Mitzayer (Mouse Paint), and this week Nitzanim came in to perform a story drama for Shteelim. The Shteelimers practiced story drama all together after the performance of the key parts of the story. From this experience, the Shteelimers began their exploration of story drama, …

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Ivrit Progress!

This week in Shteelim, one of our children took her Ivrit exploration to the next level by choosing to write out letters without the help of stamps or stencils. The children in Shteelim are all exploring Ivrit at different levels, and we use our Pinat Ivrit to learn words that relate to our current theme. …

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