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Pesach is coming!

Pesach is one of our big holidays, and there’s much we need to prepare. The children are starting to hear the story of the Israelites in Egypt, understanding the hard and arduous conditions they lived through to overcome slavery and be finally free. We are getting to know the items that go on the seder plate …

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Anafim Revisits the Three Chanukah Stories

Two years ago, our current Anafim group explored three different endings to the Chanukah story–one from 1 Maccabees, one for 2 Maccabees, and one from the Talmud. (Here is a blog post about what they did then!) This year, Anafim is getting to know these same three sources much more intimately. They were ecstatic to …

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Stamping Jewish Holidays on Our Shema Pillowcases

FIRST: Design a Jewish holiday stamp. (Review Jewish holidays and related objects.) See earlier blog post – we also learned about positive and negative space.   SECOND: Sketch holiday objects on stickers. (Review Jewish holidays and related objects.) Place stickers on pillowcases in a circle (like the cycle of the year). We’ll use the stickers to …

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