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Feb 22

Responsibility, Community

What are the identities of the imaginary characters we will hold dear for the next several months? The decision seems much more weighty than a year ago. As our imaginary characters begin to come to life again, middle schoolers are weighing potential characters’ life choices: should my character go to college even if he wants …

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Mar 02

Peer interviews

As our שבת (Shabbat) projects take shape in ענפים (Anafim, “branches” for 3rd-4th grade children), the children are starting to interview each other to develop their artist’s statements. Sometimes the questions are spontaneous: “Whoa! How did you do that?” Sometimes, great follow-up questions grow out of answers to our set interview protocol: “Wait, that’s really different …

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Feb 02

Big ideas

This week, ענפים (Anafim– “Branches” for 3rd-4th grade children) have been diving deeply into different ideas about  שבת (Shabbat). In order challenge and expand their thinking, they’ve been taking turns interviewing each other about the buildings, drawings, and sculptures they’re creating. The questions ענפים (Anafim) are asking are laying the foundation for some amazing project based learning this quarter. …

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Nov 17

Nitzanim Researches Hallel

Yesterday first and second grade Nitzanimers visited Congregation Rodfei Zedek’s shacharit minyan to research הלל (hallel). We wanted to see if grown-ups could tell us stories about a time that they רוצים להלל (rotzim l’hallel–want to hallel) to add to the understanding of הלל (hallel) we’ve been developing through discussion of Daniel, King Darius, and Ya’akov. Before …

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