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Pesach Play: Student-Led Storytelling in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim we engaged with the images and objects of Passover. We learned about the seder plate and played with seder plate puzzles: We’re learning about the shapes of the seder plate. We ate and played with karpas (parsley): I made a parsley mustache! We played a matching game with objects from the …

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Making the Story of Purim Come Alive for Young Learners

The Shorashim learners have been familiarizing themselves with the basic narrative of Purim so that they can more fully enjoy participating in upcoming Purim community events like carnivals, parades, and Megillah readings. This week, after hearing the story of Purim told many times in different ways, the children enjoyed making their own Purim puppets so …

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A Cake for Tu B’Shevat

On Tuesday, the Shorashim learners did something we’ve never accomplished before as a group! We followed a recipe to bake a special Tu B’Shevat cake. The children worked together cooperatively and harmoniously to read the recipe (with the help of pictograms), catalog our ingredients, divide the work into discrete tasks, assist each other, and wait …

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