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Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

There were lots of ways to explore the dreidel this week in Shalom Chaverim. Some of the youngest children were very interested in exploring a discovery box filled with dreidels of different shapes, textures, and sizes. One child slowly built up her courage to reach a hand into the box– she made small, tentative movements …

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Shorashim-ers Become Dreidels

With Chanukah around the corner, Shorashim started the celebration! We began by playing with wooden dreidels and learning the names of the letters Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin. Then we became dreidels! While singing Chanukah songs, the children spun and danced like dreidels. Each child wore a sign with Nun, Gimmel, Hey, or Shin on the …

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Nitzanim’s Chanukah Movie!

Kol hakavod, Nitzanim! Your Chanukah movie is awesome. http://youtu.be/lJum6TFs4CE

Nitzanim is Making a Chanukah Movie!!

And boy, are we EXCITED!! We made a set. Here we are building the Temple and a place for the menorah. We drew scenery to project in the background. We made rough drafts and then used permanent markers to draw on transparencies (yes, we found some dusty transparencies in the supply closet!). We made swords …

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Nitzanim’s GADOL Movie!

Today, Nitzanim worked on a *movie for Hanukkah. They all got into character and really took on those roles (some were even Greeks!) in some scenes of the story of the Maccabees. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect! *The movie will be shown at the Rodfei Tzedek Hanukkah party on Sunday …

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Sevivon … Gadol Gadol Gadol!!!

Yesterday Shorashim came into Yetzirah and began to paint cardboard boxes for their sevivon costumes. Each child was given 2 sides of a box to paint in their own color and will be playing and learning about Hanukkah, using these costumes in a GADOL (big) scale!