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Gathering Conclusions about Hallel

Anafim, as you may remember, have been exploring Hallel as “Anthropologists”–asking how and why people want להלל (lehallel – to Hallel). Before Thanksgiving we took the afternoon to look through ALL our notes, remember EVERYTHING we’ve studied (the songs, the poems, the paintings, and the stories), and to come up with a conclusion. Here is some of …

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Nitzanim Makes Music Pt. 2

This week in Nitzanim, kindergarteners made their own music to explore the story of Ya’akov’s dream. During כבוד (kibud — snack) recently, we’ve had several conversations about how Ya’akov feels at various points — when he is traveling in the desert toward Charan, when he is having the amazing dream of the ladder, when he wakes up …

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