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Apr 05

Pesach (Passover) Taboo

Can you make your friend guess the Pesach word on your card without saying any of the taboo words on the bottom of the card? Extreme fun! And, one of the middle schoolers said, “What a great way to review Pesach material.” Middle schoolers made the cards ourselves. All of the words we guessed were …

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Nov 04


The new Hebrew month of Cheshvan started on Wednesday! We took an hour to celebrate all of the Hebrew we’ve learned this past month. Children sang through all of the תפילות (tefillot – prayers) they’ve mastered during this past month. We work at our own pace and get to choose which תפילה (tefillah – prayer) we work on next. …

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Jan 06

So Simple, So Fun

We play a short Hebrew game at every group meeting in Anafim. Our newest game is so simple, and so fun. We simply count by tens in Hebrew up to 100, then the next person says, “Pop!” and sits down. Then we begin counting again, reach 100, and “Pop!” until only one person is left. (The game is so …

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Oct 08

Torah Play

This week was all about celebrating the Torah!  We played a special Torah game in which we were given clues to find a certain word in the Torah (actually, all the books in the Tanakh, the Torah, Prophets, and Writings).   The words filled in a crossword puzzle. There was loud cheering when we figured it …

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Dec 17

Cooking and Creating to Celebrate Chanukah

This week in Beit Shorashim, we were pretty excited that Chanukah was finally starting! To begin to get us in the mindset, we began the week by doing a Latke relay during משחקים (mischakim-games) and using dancing scarves while listening to some Chanukah songs. We also finished the final stages of building from our Chanukah story and came …

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Dec 03

Exploring Chanukah in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim we began thinking about Chanukah. We started hearing the Chanukah story together and made a list of what we already know about Chanukah. Shorashim already has so many ideas about this holiday and we can’t wait to continue learning even more together over the next few weeks. We started the week together …

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Dec 01

Chanukah is Coming to Beit Nitzanim

We’ve started to talk about Chanukah in Beit Nitzanim. Before we jump into the Chanukah stories, we spent some time today refreshing our Chanukah vocabulary בעברית (b’Ivrit—in Hebrew). We made some common symbols with our גופים (gufim—bodies). A סביבון (sevivon—dreidel): A חנוכייה (chanukiyah—Chanukah menorah): A נר (ner—candle): We also cracked codes and practiced our script …

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Dec 01

Chanukah is Coming to Shorashim!

Shorashim geared up for the upcoming start of Chanukah this week with many different Chanukah themed activities.   We did some dreidel spin art with Morah Naomi in Yetzirah.   We got a little more creative with our Chanukkah art and used not only dreidels, but נרות (nerot – candles) as well.  You can read more …

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Oct 03

Settling Into Routine in Anafim

As the holidays wind down, we in Anafim have been settling into our routine. We are reviewing the routines we know from previous years and adding in new responsibilities to our קהילה (kehillah- community) job chart. We began the week with special ivrit challenges and finished up the week identifying goals we want to work towards. …

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Jun 07

A New Yedidut (Friendship) Game

This week in Nitzanim, we learned a new משחק (mischak – game). Our משחקים (mischakim – games) always have three primary goals: Physical play: we love to run around! Ivrit: it’s so easy to learn Hebrew when we’re having fun. Community building: we practice friendship skills. In this week’s new משחק, children stood in a …

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