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Sep 13

Listening for Yom Kippur

Listen: the children are telling us what we need to know. This week at our end-of-session singing time, we asked children to tell their grown-ups what they love to do as a family and want to do more frequently. We asked children to tell their grown-ups what they wish their grown-ups would do less of. We …

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Jun 14

These Pictures Show Why I Do It

As many of you know, the Jewish Enrichment Center has been my volunteer project for the past three or so years. Someday I’ll receive monetary compensation for this work (want to join the board? it’s in the works), but for now, I have these photos. And for me, the moments captured in these photos are …

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Mar 12

Shirah/Tefillah Music

Lots of parents have been asking where they can get copies of the music we sing at Shirah/Tefillah (Singing/Prayer). Clearly, we’ll have to make our own recordings one year. Until then, here are a few CDs I’d recommend for your cars and ipods. The titles are links to where you can buy them. Let us …

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Feb 01

Guest Blog Post from Beth Niestat

From Rebecca: Beth Niestat is mom to a Nitzanimer (1st grade) and a fourth grader. When I heard about their family’s Torah study based on our Keshet exploration this fall, I was on intensely curious how it would turn out. I love how Beth captures the reality of home life as a full-time working parent …

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