• Another wonderful bunch of Special Days! Continuing our Special Day theme for the year of exploring Jewish communities around the world, this Monday and Tuesday we took a trip to India and got to know some of the various aspects of Jewish Indian culture. Children in the 1st-5th grade group took a look at the map and learned about where the three main Jewish communities in India are located. We learned about how Jews in India borrow a lot of  [ MORE ]

  • In Nitzanim ("Buds" for 1st-2nd grades) last week we got to try out a new yetzirah (art/creativity) material: watercolor crayons! They can be drawn with like crayons, but when water is added they start acting like watercolors. We started by showing the children a few techniques they could do: draw on the paper and then add water with a brush, put water on the paper with a brush and then draw on it, press harder or lighter with the crayon,  [ MORE ]

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