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Shorashim Dress Up for Purim!

In Shorashim we have been celebrating the holiday of Purim.  Purim is a joyous holiday which is traditionally celebrated by dressing up in silly costumes.  This past week Shorashim had fun dressing up in a variety of ways! We designed silly costumes with foam pieces on sticky paper. We also came dressed up to school …

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More Purim Fun!

This week Shorashim had some more Purim fun! We continued to play with the Purim character puppets from last week. And then we made our own!  How excited we were to make our own versions of King Achashverosh, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and Haman. Some children used a template for each character. Others used a blank …

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Sharing and Creating for Purim

Nitzanim started reading and exploring the Purim story this week, preparing for our Purim celebration coming up in a few more weeks. Some of us knew the story well and could almost tell it without help, and some of us were just hearing it for the first time!   We had 6 children in the …

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Shteelim Pesach Play

Written 100% as dictated by Shteelim – We used the Torah, a Haggadah, and some children’s books to help us figure out the details. When we got stuck on why Moshe took Aaron with him, we got out a Tanach, and read the actual Torah text to see what it said.   The 5773 Shteelim …

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A Purim Puppet Show!

This week Shteelim has been moving on with the basic story of Purim. Our Purim play has moved on to creating Purim puppets and using them with our Purim theater. The children decided on their own puppet characters and their own words while the Morah (teacher) prompted the Purim narrative. The children were able to fill …

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Shteelimers become Queen Esther, Mordechai and Queen Esther’s Dog!

With Purim around the corner, the Shteelimers were eager to dress up in costumes. Sticking with the story, many said they were Queen Esther or Mordechai but one Shteelimer even decided to become Queen Esther’s dog! To prepare for the play with our new costumes and props we set up a dressing room in Pinat …

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A Classroom of Queens and Princesses

In Beit Shorashim, learner-directed imaginative play frequently involves kings, queens, princes, and princesses. This week, spurred on by the exciting knowledge that Purim is close at hand, many of the girls spontaneously decided to dress up as “Queen Esther” and “Princess Esther.” After parading royally around the room, they were very pleased to have their …

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Nitzanim’s Chanukah Movie!

Kol hakavod, Nitzanim! Your Chanukah movie is awesome. http://youtu.be/lJum6TFs4CE

Nitzanim is Making a Chanukah Movie!!

And boy, are we EXCITED!! We made a set. Here we are building the Temple and a place for the menorah. We drew scenery to project in the background. We made rough drafts and then used permanent markers to draw on transparencies (yes, we found some dusty transparencies in the supply closet!). We made swords …

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Nitzanim’s GADOL Movie!

Today, Nitzanim worked on a *movie for Hanukkah. They all got into character and really took on those roles (some were even Greeks!) in some scenes of the story of the Maccabees. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect! *The movie will be shown at the Rodfei Tzedek Hanukkah party on Sunday …

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