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Dec 05

Happy Chanukah from Shorashim!

Chanukah finally arrived and Shorashim could not have been more excited! We honored the arrival of the holiday in many different ways. Some friends decided to independently (without any prompts from the morah) draw their own chanukkiah.   One friend put his up on the wall for everyone to see.  He specifically drew 7 flames …

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Nov 25

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

There were lots of ways to explore the dreidel this week in Shalom Chaverim. Some of the youngest children were very interested in exploring a discovery box filled with dreidels of different shapes, textures, and sizes. One child slowly built up her courage to reach a hand into the box– she made small, tentative movements …

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Nov 21

Shorashimers Become Maccabees

This week in Shorashim we got inside the story of Chanukkah by becoming Maccabees.   First, we made Judah Maccabee shields.   Many Shorahsimers were excited because the nickname of Maccabee (meaning hammer) reminded them of some of their favorite superheroes.   Whether we were superhero fans or not, every Shorashimer agreed that anything by …

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Nov 14

Exploring Chanukkah in Shorashim

Chanukkah is right around the corner, and Shorashim is getting ready.  This week we focused on familiarizing ourselves with some of the objects and traditions associated with Chanukkah.   One of the most popular, as is with many Jewish children around the world, were the dreidels.   Nearly every Shorashimer got a kick out of …

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