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Apr 29

Anafim explore הפקר (hefker) through drawing

One of the core concepts of our new theme, שמיטה (Sh’mitah), is הפקר (hefker – ownerless).  During the sh’mitah year all food produced by the land becomes ownerless and anyone has the right to come and take it.  Anafim has been exploring this concept for the past several weeks.  This week they began to explore …

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Jan 26

How Tall is the Mountain of God?

So many fantastic ideas arise when we talk together while we illustrate our ideas! Last week, a few Nitzanimers wondered, “How tall is the mountain of God?” Here’s what they had to say while they discussed their drawings: Morah: What do you think about the mountain of God? Second Grader 1: I think it just …

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Jan 19

Nitzanim Draws What We Wonder

Last week Nitzanim started to discuss ideas about שמות (Shmot—Exodus chapters 1-3. Listen here) with partners. We also started drawing what we wonder about. Through putting our ideas on paper and talking about them with other children and מורות (morot—teachers), children are beginning to own their ideas about text, respectfully disagree with each other, and …

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