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Welcome to Our Exciting New Building Area!

The children in שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten) have finally heard the final part of the יוֹסֵף (Yosef) text. We are now in project mode and starting to get ready to share our ideas about יוֹסֵף (Yosef) with our families! We have been building about יוֹסֵף (Yosef) for the entire theme. …

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A Text-Based Play Space Designed by the Children

This week in שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten), we have been working on our theme project for Avraham V’Lot! The children have their hands in every part of the process of designing our paper mâché text-based play space. We began the process by asking children to look at different photos, explore …

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