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Shorashim Dress Up for Purim!

In Shorashim we have been celebrating the holiday of Purim.  Purim is a joyous holiday which is traditionally celebrated by dressing up in silly costumes.  This past week Shorashim had fun dressing up in a variety of ways! We designed silly costumes with foam pieces on sticky paper. We also came dressed up to school …

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Closing Out Our Exodus Story

This week in Shorashim we finished the last part of our story from שמות (Shmot-Exodus). It has been an incredible journey watching the way three and four year olds have developed their ideas and been able to converse with each other, respectfully disagree, grow conversational skills, and questions each others ideas. This week we finished the …

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Acting Out Our Ideas and Creating Costumes

This week after hearing the next scene from our story, some of the interest of children began to shift to acting out the story. Throughout this theme, we have had an hour of block time each day where children can choose between building their ideas, acting them out, going into יצירה (Yetzirah-Creativity) to create props …

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