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See you Sunday!

We’ve been so busy preparing for our Sukkot Harvest Party. Making treats to share. Shaking the lulav and etrog. And playing some new Sukkot Ivrit (Hebrew) games. We can’t wait to celebrate the season’s bounty with you. See you Sunday at 9:15!

Gearing up for a Sweet New Year

Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) are starting the year off on the right comunal foot. On our very first day together, children were already practicing talking and listening to a partner. We read a story where a whole community works together to help a child make her family’s Rosh Hashanah (Jewish …

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Shorashim Cooks Barley Pudding!

Shorashim has been reading Megillat Rut, a story from the Tanach in which Ruth gleans barley from a field.  Last week we talked about using a variety of our senses to experience the barley but we were missing a key sense: taste!  This week we cooked barley in the form of barley pudding!  Let Shorashim …

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Shorashim Makes Salt Dough

This week in Shorashim we’re continuing to play the story of Avraham V’Sarah! In order to learn about how Sarah made bread for her visitors, we made some salt dough.   We added water, flour, and LOTS of salt. Morah Lizzi helped us measure all the ingredients. When the dough got too thick to stir, …

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The Chanukah Creating Continues!

Over the last two weeks, Nitzanimers have been exploring three different endings to the Chanukah story. Children are building each ending with novel materials (materials that we don’t usually use for “building” such as glass beads, small rocks, etc.). Today we started our third and final ending to the Chanukah story, which comes from the …

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Preparing to Say Shalom in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim, children and parents worked together to create an object to commemorate our year together. Children (and some parents!) painted away to create squares that will form a Shalom Chaverim quilt. Then everyone– parents and children alike– had a chance to get their hands dirty (really dirty!) by stamping handprints on …

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Pesach in Shalom Chaverim

Exploring Pesach in Shalom Chaverim this week looked like a lot of ways to play with matzah. There were bags to decorate so we could hide and find, cover and uncover our matzah. There was matzah to smash. There were even pictures of matzah to add to play dough creations. And, of course, there was …

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Through the Jewish Year in 20 Minutes

Monday’s Special Day was about the TASTES of the Jewish year. We had a fabulous day preparing for our Jewish Year in 20 MInutes celebration. It was a little odd to taste matzah right now, but everyone was thrilled to eat the תפוחים ודבש (tapuchim u’devash – apples and honey)!        

Let’s Bottle It Up & Take It With Us

How can we capture a feeling and share it in a blog post? I’d capture cooperation: how children felt as they listened to and incorporated each others’ ideas to create a fire pit out of collected sticks and leaves; how children felt as they cooked lentil soup together; how children felt as they worked together to …

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Purim in Nitzanim

We only spent a few days exploring Purim in Nitzanim, but boy, did we have fun! We acted out the Purim story, and we LOVED the fancy costumes. We practiced listening to each other and sharing ideas. We made signs for the beginning of the Hebrew month of אדר (Adar) to encourage people to be …

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