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Shalom, Chanukah!

The children in Shalom, Chaverim! (“Welcome, Friends!” for ages 0 – 3 and their grown-ups) are starting to explore Chanukah. They used a variety of media to place Chanukah candles into chanukiot (menorahs or candle-holders) including foam shapes onto contact paper, felt Chanukah shapes, real candles in play-doh, and a toy Chanukah set. In this way they …

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Exploring Chanukkah in Shorashim

Chanukkah is right around the corner, and Shorashim is getting ready.  This week we focused on familiarizing ourselves with some of the objects and traditions associated with Chanukkah.   One of the most popular, as is with many Jewish children around the world, were the dreidels.   Nearly every Shorashimer got a kick out of …

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