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Nov 06

New Hebrew Challenges Rock!

There is a flurry of excitement and industriousness in Beit Nitzanim during זמן עברית (Zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time) these days. With so many choices, children can find a way to play that’s just right for them and feel confident about their learning. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to play recently: These two children have …

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May 10

There Is Still Time!

As we approach the end of the year, in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) we are finding that…. there is still time….. to play a new עִברִית (Ivirt- Hebrew) choice! This one is called מלחמת אותיות (Milchemet Otiot), a variation on the card game war that helps us review אותיות (otito– letters) and recall letters from memory. “We give out …

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Sep 09

Starting the Year by Examining Assumptions

We’re back! Our fifth and sixth grade children have been to the Jewish Enrichment Center, so we gave them a group challenge right away. I pulled out a long, long jump rope, and said, “Our challenge is to get everyone through to the other side, counting eser ad me’ah (10 – 100).”  The fifth and sixth grade children …

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Nov 13

And Then There Were 11

First there were 10. Ten Awesome Hebrew Challenges. Like this one: Every day, children asked, “Can we work on our challenges today?” (Words to warm my heart! Children BEGGING to work on Hebrew!) But one day a few children finished all ten. And then … there were 11. And #11, well… it appears to require at least 45 minutes …

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Jun 03

Shorashim Takes On Some Challenges

This week Shorashim talked a bit about Shavuot and took on some exciting challenges! We focused our Shavuot explorations about the harvest aspect: we were inspired by pictures we had of various fruit and flowers that grow in spring and drew our own interpretations of them, as well as pictures of some other plants we …

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May 15

A New Job in Nitzanim

Even as our year draws to a close, Nitzanim are getting new responsibilities. Our newest one, just added to פגישה [pegisha; meeting] last week involves putting together lots of the Hebrew that we’ve been working on all year. Each day, one child in Nitzanim gets an opportunity to build a sentence out of legos. The sentence …

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May 07

Nitzanim Shows Their Skills

We are so proud of our Nitzanimers this year who have acomplished so many things in their עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenges.  Everyone’s been working hard to challenge themselves and learn more than they knew at the beginning of the year.  Including the boy in the video before. With very little help from the morah, he sings …

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Dec 17

We Love A Good Brain Teaser

Rabbi Rebecca gave us four cards. She said our birthday circles would fit into these four categories. What?! We don’t know these words! Finally, someone figured out that the four cards must be four seasons. Then someone remembered that we have a book about the Jewish calendar. And we figured out what season our Hebrew …

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