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A New Year Wrap Up

These last few weeks at the Jewish Enrichment Center we’ve had Camp (for the very first time!), Special Days, Opening Picnic and finally out first week of the school year. Lots of things have happened, so here’s a quick review to help you wrap your head around all we’ve done! CAMP Exploring Jonah & The …

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Symbols for Rosh Hashanah

Anafim is really getting ready for Rosh Hashana. We have also been exploring the Rosh Hashanah seder as practiced by different Jewish communities around the world. We looked at the portion of the Talmud that suggests eating symbolic foods at the start of the new year. We then came up with ideas for why the …

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What is Responsible Action? Anafimers Explore

Our Anafim-ers have really embraced our role as the oldest children at the Jewish Enrichment Center. We are all older siblings and we have spent time this week thinking about responsibility as we care for our younger siblings here. We have wrestled with whether Jonah acted responsibly in the story of Jonah and the big …

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Nitzanim’s Big Fish Belly

This week, we’ve used Jonah’s three days in the belly of the big fish as an opportunity to talk about when we need time by ourselves, to take a break and feel calm. We made Feelings Charts, and thought about how it feels to be “full of emotion” and then to feel calm again. These …

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Anafim Acts Out the Yonah (Jonah) Story

Scene 1: An emphatic Yonah says, No! I won’t go to Nineveh! (Had you ever imagined that Yonah’s refusal before running away was so active? Puts a different spin on Yonah’s character.) http://youtu.be/jxU5zGZvVAA   Scene 2: The sailors tell Yonah about the storm, but he seems disinterested. Finally, they throw Yonah overboard. http://youtu.be/7tdM_4-pkMI

Round Challah for Rosh Hashanah

Yesterday in Shorashim, we baked round challah for Rosh Hashanah. Children tried to make sense of the fact that challah is usually for Shabbat, but we weren’t getting ready for Shabbat. Plus, we did something different with our challah by shaping it in a circle. It was hard to wait all day for the challah. …

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In Shorashim, we’ve been playing with the part of the Yonah (Jonah) story where he’s on the boat running away, and a big storm comes. Finally, the sailors throw Yonah overboard and sea is calm again. We’ve explored feeling like a storm inside (really angry), and getting calm again. Storm/Calm. Storms use big arms, and …

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Jonah and the Big Fish – Day 2!

Today in Nitzanim, we continued to explore the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. We started our day by acting out different scenes from the story. While the children were acting out the scene in Nineveh, one of our Nitzanimers told the Morah the story in her own words! “So G-d said to Jonah, …

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Shorashim’s First Camp Day

What a first day! We played and got to know each other. We made Rosh Hashanah cards and shared something we love. Those are apple-shaped stamps made out of corks. We read the story of Yonah and the big fish. Plus, we did all the regular stuff: shirah (singing), kibud (snacktime), zeman bachutz (time outside), aruchat tzohorayim (lunch), …

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Camp with Nitzanim, Jonah and the Big Fish

Today was a fun start to a new year with the Nitzanim! Camp this year is all about Jonah and The Big Fish, which we’re using to explore what it feels like to be full of emotion, and how we can take time and space to calm down. To start exploring the story of Jonah, …

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