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May 18

And the story goes…

This week we have been reviewing stories from the Torah that we have heard before… months ago! But our nursery and kindergarten children seem to remember like it was yesterday. We started with Bereshit (the beginning), floated with Noah, remembered Yosef (Joseph), and parted the sea with Moshe (Moses). There are so many stories and so …

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Oct 15

All in a week’s work

  This week in Shorashim and Shteelim has been all about בְּרֵאשִׁית (Breishit– in the beginning), the name of first פָּרָשָׁה (parashah- portion) in the תורה (Torah) as well as the first ספר (sefer- book). Propelled by our boundless questions and curiosity about תורה from last week, we took on בְּרֵאשִׁית . Keep reading to see the exact story we’ve …

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May 31

Culminating Project in Yetzirah

Both Shorashim and Nitzanim have been working on panels for their group quilts. These quilts have not only been a review of the main themes they have learned this year (Sukkot, Breishit, Shema, Pesach, and Tzedakah VaChessed), but a culminating project to be displayed in a public space over the summer. Shorashim children have been …

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May 03

Nitzanim Revisits This Year’s Themes

This week in Nitzanim… (click above for a video of our work!) In preparation for our final huge Yetzirah project of the year, Nitzanim spent a few days revisiting this year’s themes – Sukkot, Breishit, and Shema. We revisited through the lens of Tzedakah VaChessed. Nitzanimers received play כסף (kesef-money) to spend on playing and …

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Dec 05

Discussion of the Story of Bereishit

In Nitzanim the past two weeks, we’ve discovered that the children love to hear the story of Bereishit and provide their own feedback in the form of comments and questions. During our reading of Genesis, Ch. 2: [wind blows mightily outside against the walls and window] Boy 1: I thought God was blowing. Boy 2: …

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Dec 04

Adam and Chava in Shorashim: What Does it Mean to Break Rules?

Our exploration of the Adam and Chava story from Bereishit this morning in Shorashim was framed by a  kibood-time discussion  of the rules we encounter in our own lives. We started by naming some of the rules that affect us (including “No jumping on the bed,” No poking eyes,” and “No running in school”). We …

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Dec 01

The Children Help Each Other Understand Genesis 2

A conversation after reading the second Creation story in Genesis Chapter 2: Boy 1: Yikes! He took a bone out of him. If you took a bone out of yourself, wouldn’t you die? Boy 2: Yeah! Girl 1: Yeah, you would die. Boy 3: And your bones would fall all apart. Girl 1: ‘Cause God’s …

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Dec 01

Story drama of Bereishet: Chapter 2

In order to engage with the second story of Creation (in Genesis, Chapter 2), the children played “story drama”. One child is the narrator, while the rest are actors. The narrator decides which characters each actor is (e.g. man, woman, animals). Then the narrator tells the second Creation story in his or her own words, …

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Nov 29

And God Said, “Let There Be (NO!) Light!”

The power went out at the Jewish Enrichment Center! We were in musika, everyone singing together, when all of a sudden we were singing David Melech Yisrael in the dark! Never one to miss an educational moment, we grabbed the opportunity to practice our opposites ערב/בוקר (erev/boker – evening/morning) and חושך/אור (choshech/or – darkness/light). Then we moved together …

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Nov 21

Torah Dance

The kvutzah stages an improvised play about Breishet at the end of the day; their play ends in a Torah dance. The play demonstrates how the kids are building positive relationships with the Torah, as well as with each other. Girl 1 is dressed as a Torah; the Shorashimers made Torah costumes in Yetzirah today. …

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