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Feb 28

Shteelimers Do Self-Portraits

As we wrap up our Boker Tov unit, the Shteelimers are hard at work creating the pieces of art that will combine to make their final Yetzirah project. It has proven to be a long journey with lots of questions, dialog and new exciting processes! For example, this week I was happy to discover that …

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Feb 15

Seeing With Your Head & Your Hand

This week in Yetzirah the Nitzanimers began what will be a series of self-portraits. The first kind of self-portrait we worked on did not utilize mirrors or photographs for referring to. Instead, we closed our eyes and created an image in our head of what we think our face looks like. At first this was …

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Feb 07

Modeh Ani Watercolors

This week the Shteelimers started their Boker Tov final yetzirah project by completing the first step: a Modeh Ani watercolor. First we opened up a discussion about the tzeva’em (colors) we see baboker (in the morning). The children shared: “Adom! I see adom in the morning because I have an apple tree in my yard!”, …

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Feb 05

Magical Moments From Our Detective Work

What book is your copied page from? “This is a prayerbook. The Torah has stories. The Torah has prayers, but they’re in the story. There’s no stories here, so this is a prayerbook.” “If I say this prayer, I’m blessing the people on earth.” What are the rabbis doing on this page of Talmud? “Last year, …

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Feb 03

Adventures with Yadaim

Today Shorashim did two projects all about ידיים Yadaim (hands). To start, we made ידיים Yadaim and אצבעות Etzbaot (fingers) out of paper hands, pasta nails, paint, and watches/ bracelets made of pipe cleaners and puff balls. Then we moved from making Yadaim to exploring how we use our Yadaim in the world. The Shorashimers …

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Jan 31

Say Hello to Our Class (Boker) Friend

This week in Shteelim we focused on our morning routines and getting ready for the day. We decided to make a new class friend and get him/her ready for the day. Our first step was to trace a child, then the children came up with ideas about what it needs for the morning. Some children …

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Jan 30

Cooperative Talmud Work

First, we scanned the page for the words we were looking for. Every Nitzanimer is exploring a set of words from one of the morning ברכות (berakhot – blessings), e.g., poke’ach ivrim. We highlighted the words. Then we set out to figure out what book our copied page was from.  “This is the book our page …

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Jan 27

Smile, it’s Yetzirah (Shorashim style)!

Today in Shorashim, we learned words that make up a face (Af, Pe, Ozen, ect).  We practiced these words while making faces in Yetzirah.  We had a full day learning new words and playing new games. All of this is just the start of a very exciting Shorashim project.  Enjoy the beginning! 

Jan 25

If You Give A Kid A Siddur…

(True story! It really happened this way on Tuesday!) If you give a kid a סדור (siddur – prayerbook), he’s going to want to read it. A lot. When he reads it with his friends, they’ll discover that the very same ברכות (berakhot – blessings) we have listed on the wall, are in the siddur.    …

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Jan 24

Creating a Morning Chart!

This week in Shteelim we decided to make a morning chart to compare and contrast our morning routines with our friends. A morah (teacher) drew in different kinds of pictures for getting ready in the morning. For the pictures, we explained that the rabbis said berakhot (blessings) for their morning routines. One child asked, “Even …

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