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Changes in Shorashim for Tzedakah vaChessed

There have been some changes to our learning environment in Beit Shorashim. We have added a Bikur Cholim area (taking care of the sick), and constructed Ohel Avraham v’Sarah (Tent of Avraham and Sarah) which is modeled after the Torah story of Genesis 18:1-8. In this story, Avraham and Sarah welcome passing visitors as guests …

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Torah Treasure Hunt and “Going to Synagogue” Play

Beit Shorashim continued our exploration of Torah today by embarking on a Torah Treasure Hunt that sent us throughout the building in search of Torah scrolls and all of the Torah’s special trappings (the mantle, finials, breastplate, and yad). The children enjoyed making a list of our finds, and noting all the unique materials used …

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Beginning Bereishit: “Torah, Torah, Torah!”

Kisses, music, dancing, ornate clothing, precious jewelry, and a beautiful house; just some of the ways we show how special the Torah is to us all. In the coming weeks, Beit Shorashim will be exploring the Jewish people’s unique relationship with the Torah through art, dramatic play, storytelling, costume-making, and music. We will learn more …

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